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Cyber-Attack Affects Maersk Causing Delays

You may have read about the recent global cyber-attacks of organizations early June.

Maersk Group was one of the organizations targeted and were badly affected. The attack compromised their working systems and resulted in significant issues in securing documentation required to clear shipments from the port, process payments and recognize payments and recognize the status of bills of lading i.e. whether they are Original or Express.

ACA International has had a number of shipments moving on Maersk bills of lading, all in transit prior to the cyber-attack. Unfortunately, we have experienced delay, some significant, in accessing containers on shipments arriving into port.

Maersk has been swamped by the events and have teams working around the clock to restore systems. It seems that they are on top of this and as of today are now able to release most containers to ACA in Australia and New Zealand. ACA import and export teams have also been working very hard to get outcomes as quickly as possible.

We are hopeful that we will be able to clean up all backlog by the end of today or tomorrow and you will see updates from our operations and customer service teams on any shipments caught in this unfortunate issue.

We have suspended shipments with Maersk until we are satisfied this matter is fully behind them.

As a side note, Indian customs have also been impacted on the June cyber-attack and it coincided with a roll out of GST July 1 and system upgrade causing delay on import and export. More information will be provided soon on this.