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Qube Logistics Introduce International Terminal Fee

ACA International has received notice that one of the largest Cargo Freight Stations (CFS) in Australia, Qube Logistics, will be introducing a new fee called an International Terminal Fee in the order of A$30.00 per House Bill of Lading effective from 9 October 2017. This new fee is introduced for similar reasons to the Stevedores Infrastructure Surcharges which are said to be introduced due to increased costs in operations on and arounds Australia’s port precincts.
As Qube Logistics is the only Container Freight Station to announce the application of this new fee, ACA will be looking at ways to utilise alternative CFS’s to avoid incurring this fee. Although no other CFS has announced the implementation of this fee we do expect others to follow at some point as we’ve seen with the Stevedores.

A copy of Qube's notice is attached.