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DP World Announce Huge Increases to Infrastructure Surcharges Effective 1 Jan 2019

DP World Australia (DPWA) have announced an increase in the Infrastructure Access Charge for road and rail operators at its three east coast terminals.

From 1 January 2019, the Infrastructure Charges are to be:

  • At Fisherman Island (Brisbane), the Infrastructure Access Charge is to be increased to $65.15 per container (from $38.75);
  • At Port Botany (Sydney), the Charge is to be increased to $63.80 per container (from $37.65);
  • At West Swanson (Melbourne) terminal, the Charge is to be increased to $85.30 per container (from $49.20).

The Surcharge applies to full containers received or delivered via road or rail.

According to a DPWA statement, Australia’s stevedores “continue to face a dynamic and evolving market with unprecedented change, major investment in infrastructure, increasing costs and declining tariffs”.

“To ensure a sustainable future in an increasingly competitive market, DP World Australia is continuing the journey to a rebalanced revenue recovery from waterside to landside,” the DPWA statement read.

The administration fee for the electronic Vehicle Booking System also is to be increased to from $6.80 to $12.95 per slot also effective from 1 January 2019.

In response industry bodies, including the Australian Peak Shippers Association, have called upon the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Transport for NSW, the newly established Freight Victoria, the National Freight Strategy team, and our politicians to consider regulation of container terminal operator pricing.

Other stevedores including Patricks, Victoria International Container Terminal and Hutchison are yet to announce any increases.