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Maersk to Suspend YOYO Service

Maersk has advised that they will suspend/blank their YOYO service effective 27 March until July 2019, with the date of recommencement yet to be confirmed.

Maersk shares this service with MSC and Hamburg Sud.  It will result in around 4,000 – 4,500 less TEU per week in the South China market.

Maersk, MSC and Hamburg Sud will take slots from COSCO on the A3 loops and other consortiums.

This loop offered the fastest transit time service from South China into Melbourne.  Your ACA Customer Service representatives will discuss other options.

Further vessel blanking’s by other carriers have been forecast and our Customer Service team will keep you updated.

The blanking programme will likely have an impact on space from China and again our Customer Service team will be able to discuss impact and options with you.