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Bad Weather in Sydney and Technology Upgrades Lead to Delays in the Melbourne Terminals

Container Transport Alliance Australia have sent this press release discussing why the Port of Melbourne is currently experiencing some delays in the terminals.  0923-CTAA-Media-Release

It has been a combination of stevedore technology glitches and vessel delays due to bad weather in Sydney has caused considerable delays and added operational headaches for container transport operators in Melbourne over the last week and into this week.

Last week, Patrick Terminals experienced technology issues when transitioning to an upgraded Terminal Management System (TOS) at its East Swanson Terminal, leading to significant truck turnaround time delays (of up to 8 hours).

Separately, ship bunching due to the late arrival of ships into Melbourne due to bad weather in Sydney has caused transport issues at Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT).

To top it off, DP World West Swanson Terminal (WST) in Melbourne is experiencing its own technology difficulties due to a separate systems' upgrade.

The delays have led to significant added costs for container transport operators, and penalties when time-slots into other facilities in the logistics chain are missed.

It’s been the “perfect storm” of delays in Melbourne last week and this week, including having to deal with the cargo backlogs in this short week with the AFL Final Public Holiday this Friday in Melbourne.

Our Transport & Logistics Team will keep you advised to delays to any of your deliveries as a result.