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Quarantining of MV SEAMAX STRATFORD V 102 Causing Downstream Delays

The delay on the current voyage while in quarantine in Brisbane advsied in yesterday's new alert (Vessel Delay - SEAMAX STRATFORD 102N – Crew Members Test Positive to COVID-19) will also impact on the next southbound voyage of MV SEAMAX STRATFORD V103S.  The A3 consortium is seeing whether they can source a vessel to replace SEAMAX STRATFORD 103S on its southbound voyage from Kaohsiung, Xiamen, Shanghai and Ningbo to Australian ports.  At this point nothing has been finalised, we expect to hear any news in the next 2 to 3 days  

If no replacement is secured, it is possible there will be a blank sailing week 41 and that will affect week 42 and 43 with thousands of TEU sitting in the terminals awaiting loading.  The cargo would likely be transferred to A3N and A3C sailings causing backlogs on those sailings and impacting on the loading of any new bookings for week 42 and 43. 

We will update as soon as the position on any replacement is known.