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BMSB Safeguarding Arrangements

ACA International has received advice from the Department of Agriculture that the “Safeguarding” program is now open for applications from all interested parties.

Safeguarding arrangements can be applied to import supply chains that can demonstrate appropriate biosecurity controls from the point of manufacturing to the point of embarkation (the point at which containers are loaded onto the ship at the port of export).

Approved supply chains may receive approval for a reduced impact on their operation in regard to BMSB treatment requirements, if they can demonstrate appropriate controls to identify and address pest risk at the country of origin. 

Safeguarding Arrangements will only be considered for:

  • Offshore supply chains and/or manufacturing/storage facilities.
  • Goods transported as break bulk including those shipped on flat rack and in open top containers.
  • Goods transported in full container loads (FCL) containers and full consolidated (FCX) containers.
  • Goods with a minimum import volume of 50 containers and 5000 vehicles/units during the BMSB season.

Safeguarding Arrangements will not be considered for:

  • Goods transported in less than container load (LCL) and freight of all kinds (FAK) containers.
  • Goods that have ‘many-to-many’ supply chains, such as those encompassing goods obtained from multiple suppliers to multiple importers.
  • Where arrangements are already in place to manage biosecurity risks including, but not limited to, Giant African Snail, Asian Gypsy Moth or Burnt Pine Longicorn.

Further information can be found on the Department of Agriculture’s website

Application forms, risk mitigation plans, pest contamination guides and contingency plans can also be found on this link.

If your supply chain meets the core criteria and BMSB Safeguarding is something that would be of benefit, please complete the application form and seek further guidance from the ACA Customs Brokers if required.