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Airfreight Continues to be Volatile During Covid-19

Airfreight has been a difficult process throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with significantly reduced services into Australia, however over the past weeks space has been severely further impacted by two important events.

The Victorian governments announcement on 30 June 30 that International passenger flights would be suspended into Melbourne.  While many passenger aircraft were carrying cargo and not impacted, a number of passenger flights were suspended resulting in backlog occurring on remaining services.

The Victorian governments announcement of the mandatory use of facemasks in Melbourne effective 23 July, resulting in a significant surge in personal protective equipment.

In the past week there has been surges in airfreight from Asian origins seeing backlog and delays in all key services including Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Southern China and Cathay Airlines. This has resulted increased airfreight costs from all of these regions.

Unfortunately, this may result in increases in pricing at short notice and a need to make changes also at short notice to ensure the most efficient movement of freight into Australia.

Our customer service teams will continue to keep you updated on pricing and movement of your valuable cargo.