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Carrier Rate Update - Sydney Port Congestion Surcharge, Peak Season Surcharges And General Rate Increases

As reported several carriers have applied Sydney Port Congestion surcharges in the last week of September  with application from 1 October for all lanes except USA and 16 October from the USA (due to US Federal Maritime Commission rate notification requirements).  

Carriers to have applied the congestion fees are ANL, CMA-CGM, HAMBURG SUD, HAPAG LLOYD, HYUNDAI , MAERSK, MSC , PIL and TS Lines.  They have applied the fee at levels ranging from USD 285 per TEU to USD 350 per TEU.

Other carriers such as OOCL  have increased their FAK rates to Sydney over and above other ports such as Melbourne and Brisbane instead of applying a Port Congestion Surcharge.

The Port Congestion Surcharge has flowed down to LCL operators and they will apply a PCS  on import and export shipments as follows:

  • Effective October 1st all LCL shipment to Sydney will be subject to USD 13.50 per w/m (minimum 1m3) from all lanes except New Zealand and USA
  • Effective October 16th all LCL shipment to Sydney from USA will be subject to USD 13.50 per w/m (minimum 1m3)
  • Effective October 1ST  all LCL shipment to Sydney from NZ  will be subject to USD 15.00 per w/m (minimum 1m3)

Freight all kind (FAK) rates have increased from all Asian ports and carriers are applying them in the form of General rate increases or Peak Season surcharges, these increases will also flow down to LCL shipments

  • Effective October 1st to October 14th ex China & Taiwan LCL will incur a PSS/GRI of USD 10 per w/m
  • Effective October 15th ex China & Taiwan LCL will incur a further increase in the form of a PSS/GRI of USD 20 per w/m.
  • Effective October 1st ex South East Asia, Middle  East and Indian Sub-continent  LCL will incur a PSS/GRI of USD 30 per w/m

The above will apply for all shipments that have departed on October 1st and will be incorporated into your scheduled quotes.

Unfortunately we expect to see FCL rates increase through October and possibly November until there is a reduction in the surging imports reported in yesterday’s news article (Movements of Containers in Key Asian Markets Continue to be Impacted).

If you have any questions please reach out to your sales or customer service representative