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Severe Container Congestion in Brisbane

Industrial action by the MUA in September and October caused enormous upheaval in the Ports around Australia.  Containers caught in Sydney’s eight week backlog have now flowed through to Brisbane and coupled with weather affected shipping schedules and the impact of the new COVID world we are living in the volumes are pushing services to limits.

The MUA called a temporary truce with Patricks Terminals, however industrial action is expected to re-commence through November.  Patricks have also cautioned that it will take two to three months to return to normal services.

At times we are experiencing 3-4 hour turnarounds at the Terminals.

AQIS facilities have advertised up to 3 hour delays for AQIS Tailgate Inspections   They have offered the option of unloading tailgate impacted boxes for late collection, however this will involve a 3 day delay and attract handling/storage charges at their depot.

Empty parks are inundated with the volume of containers being handled through Brisbane, slots are scarce and queues long.

We assure you that we are working to the best of our abilities to service your requirements keeping in mind consideration of all the factors that are impacting the container freight industry, especially those that are beyond our control. Your ACA representative will be in direct contact for any shipments/deliveries affected.