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Port of Auckland Fergusson Terminal Hits Operational Constraints

Below is a brief summary of how Operations have progressed this week at Fergusson Terminal:

  • Terminal yard and empty Link Facility capacity remains very tight with the Empty Link Facility sitting at over 120% utilisation yesterday
  • There is an ongoing trend of heavy import volumes discharged over the weekend resulting in the Terminal yard reaching upwards of 100% utilisation by Sunday afternoon (more 3 high stacking of containers).  Looking at the number of containers handled through Fergusson Terminal over the last 3 weeks ending 27/10, 03/11 and 10/11 and compare with year-over-year, then the numbers are more compelling with the volumes up 19% and more than 4,000 units. The majority of this growth has been in laden imports (up 22%), while 80% of import containers are handled Friday to Monday, which goes to highlight the pressure on the yard and the subsequent road demand each Monday to Wednesday.
  • Road demand ramps up through Monday to Wednesday as the market focuses on picking up containers for import delivery. Pressure on the road remained high this week with average turn times throughout the week averaging 55 minutes, however, there are times when this has blown out to 140 minutes turn times. The terminal is continuing to have challenges at night time which often is when they are trying to finish off vessels whilst at the same time we have encouraged more night time truck running and the demand has increased as we see a 60/40 ratio of day versus night in recent weeks.

What to expect:

This weekend there are another 3 large discharges from North East Asia/JKN, ANZEX/CNS and NZS/KIX Services. There will be constraints around their ability to handle any more empties into the Terminal and Link until they can start clearing the backlog. Movement of containers to/from rail and interwharf shuttle moves remain key focus areas as inherently interterminal moves suffer when demand is on the shipside or roadside.

Compounding this on Saturday 23 November Ports of Auckland will be undertaking an important IT Systems update during an off-peak time from 2000 hours to 2200 hours. Trucks will not be serviced during this time and the last truck will be processed at 1914 hours (1800 hours VBS bookings). Trucks processing will recommence from 2200 hours.