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Southbound Market Update

The current Southbound Peak Season from Asia is one of the worst the market has experienced in recent years, with demand on space outstripping supply.  Our General Manger in New Zealand, Tom Pritchard, provides this update.
With the demand on capacity being pushed past maximum, all carriers are now reviewing rate levels at regular intervals.  We are already starting to see notifications of Peak Season Surcharges or General Rate Increases coming through, ranging from USD 300.00 to USD 600.00 per TEU. These are in addition to rate increases seen in the past month.
The capacity demand has also been exacerbated with COVID-19 disrupting supply chains globally, leading to equipment imbalances across Asia, with 40GP and 40ft high Cube containers being particularly affected.
We are asking all our customers to please plan ahead as far as possible. In doing this, it will give all involved the best chance to get your orders away as needed. It is worth noting as well that Golden Week will commence in China from 1 October through to 7October.
As always, we here at ACA are doing all we can to mitigate any space, equipment or rate issues that arise. We will keep you fully updated as and when is needed.  
Tom Pritchard
General Manager
ACA International (NZ) Ltd