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Rail Ramp Closures in the United States

Hapag Lloyd has notified that they will temporarily suspend bookings from the US rail ramps listed below.  Rail congestion in the US has been building through 2021 and rail operators have tried to regulate the flow of containers to reduce backlog and delay but have been unable to get on top of the issue.

In addition to congestion in the rail caused by increased cargo movement, the availability of chassis to move containers in and out of the terminal are in chronic shortage.  Increased use of chassis is one reason and also the time that importers are holding containers is another.  

In a recent news article the VP of Direct Chassis Link, the largest chassis leasing company in the USA, indicated that dwell times for chassis in Chicago were 60% higher in August 2021 than it was in 2020.  These factors are creating ongoing delay and backlog in moving containers out of the United States into Australia and New Zealand.  The delays are expected to continue into 2022 and until there is a downturn in freight volumes to reduce some pressure in the system.  

Chicago - Joliet
Council Bluffs - Omaha
Kansas City
Memphis - Marion
Minneapolis - St. Paul
New Orleans
Salt Lake City
Santa Teresa - El Paso
St. Louis - E. St. Louis