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Update: COVID-19 Outbreak in Ningbo

Dear Customers,

ACA International has been informed on Tuesday 4th of January of a new COVID-19 outbreak in Ningbo.

As a result of a positive case reported in the Beilun area of Ningbo on the 1st of January, the area is now under lockdown for the next 14 days, and if further cases are identified the lockdown will extend to 21 days.  Approximately 800,000 people are required to be tested.

Beilun is one of the key port/terminal areas in Ningbo and therefore container operations will be greatly impacted.

Carriers using the Beilun terminals are ZIM, CAX and CAT consortiums.

The A3C, ANZEX and BAL use other terminals, however it is expected that those terminals will quickly be impacted as Beilun callers move to other terminals.

All truck drivers that have visited the Beilun terminal are now under quarantine, and this will result in a shortage of drivers to complete container deliveries to functioning terminals.

At this point it is expected that there will be no export container operations in Ningbo over the next seven days.

Our Ningbo team will work with suppliers and steamship lines to potentially move containers via Shanghai, however that is still being finalized and may not be possible for all container movements.

Vessels continue to delay through all northern China ports like Shanghai and Ningbo and in reality, shipments may be no worse effected than the existing delays.

Based on the original ETD of current vessels there are three ANL sailings, one ZIM, one BAL and one CAT sailing due to berth Ningbo.  Current information is that only one ANL sailing will arrive in Ningbo within the next seven days.  All other sailings will be delayed.

It’s obviously a bad outcome in the lead up to Chinese New Year where there is already a surge of imports and factories closing down prior to the official commencement of festivities.

Our customer service and sales team will liaise with you on impacted/delayed shipments.  Please also monitor your reports for ETD/ETA updates.