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Fremantle Port Challenges

Covid Issues

Staff/Driver absenteeism’s

WA continues to experience challenges with Staff/Driver COVID absenteeism with an explosion of new infections in-line with the reduction of WA’s COVID restrictions, WA is currently at 45,000 active cases. In addition to absentees, our industry has struggled to maintain staffing levels with significant shortages of truck and forklift drivers, but also impacted has been customer service(office) staff that has been the greatest challenge to maintain adequate numbers. Since January staffing levels compared to this time last year are running at approx. 70%. The main reason for this is the high stress levels due to the COVID disrupted shipping supply chain and its additional costs. It is very hard to keep quality staff. We are starting to see some improvement.

Container Deliveries

Fremantle Port continue to experience high volume of Import containers caused by

1)Larger Vessels with greater capacity arriving into Fremantle

2)Vessel bunching – Vessels arriving immediately after one another resulting in less time to clear the Terminals.

Our focus has been to remove containers from the Terminal to avoid expensive Wharf Storage charges. This has resulted in containers being  trucked to the Transport yard and held prior to delivery. With the increased volumes being directed back to the yard and challenges that creates, this has impacted the ability to schedule deliveries within the time frame previously experienced as resources have been directed to clear Wharf Terminals. Once a container has been received into the Transport Yard we have a commitment that delivery will be arranged to you within 5 working days. We will continue to push for earliest possible delivery date/time and our T&L Operator will communicate this to you.

Empty container De hire notice

Due to challenges mentioned above and availability of Empty Return Timeslots, we now require 4 full working days from the day after notification the container is empty to de-hire the container. Example: De-hire notification received 1pm Friday, Monday will be recognised as the next working day, and up to Thursday night to de-hire.

If you have any questions please contact your Customer Service/Transport Operator Representative.