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Ever Given Remains Wedged in the Seuz Canal

Yesterday we alerted that the container ship Ever Given had run aground early Tuesday morning in the Suez Canal heading to Europe (Massive Cargo Ship Blocking the Suez Canal).  Unfortunately. the latest news on the stranded Ever Given remains the same.  The vessel remains firmly grounded, various news reports indicate that it may take weeks to dislodge and they may need to unload containers and remove bunkers to lighten the vessel.Marine Vessel Traffic

There are close to 200 ships already caught up in the backlog in both directions.  North bound vessels are being directed to back out of the Canal to facilitate a clear passage and continuous convoys when the Ever Given is successfully removed.
We are receiving updates on vessels that managed to pass through the Canal prior to the incident and our Customer Service teams will update you directly as soon as practical.  We are still trying to understand pathways for vessel yet to depart Europe and will continue to update as learn more, however, please expect delays to the supply lines for the coming weeks from Europe and lower Mediterranean ports.