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Covid-19 Infection Closes Ningbo Terminal

ACA International Ningbo office has been informed that a port worker has tested positive for COVID-19 at the Meishan Terminal in Ningbo and that the terminal is now closed.

Various carriers that we utilise call this terminal including the A3C service operated by ANL, OOCL and COSCO as well as services operated by Evergreen.

It is expected that the next vessel due into Ningbo on the A3C, the ANL Gippsland, will be impacted but to what degree is not as yet clear.  The vessel operator ANL is working with the Port Authority to see if other terminals can be used (e.g. BLCT3 or Yongzhou) however all carriers with pending berthing windows are seeking changes to these terminals and so delay, backlog or possible port omission may occur.

ANL indicates that they will not be able to update before Friday 13 August as the vessel is only due to berth Ningbo on 16 August.

We will update as soon as more information comes to hand.