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Update - Covid-19 Infection Closes Ningbo Terminal

Further to our advice of last week (Covid-19 Infection Closes Ningbo Terminal) we have received an update to the status of Meishan Terminal in Ningbo.

The terminal remains closed and under quarantine.  Local government has completed its third round of testing of workers with all test returning negative results.  Good news!

The Local Government will complete at least 5 rounds of testing and if all return negative will open the terminal, however even if all tests return negative results there is a 14-day quarantine period so the earliest Meishan terminal will commence full operations is 25 August.

Other terminals continue to operate in Ningbo but Meishan is the largest terminal and impacts on the efficiency and congestion in the port resulting in delays to berthing or port omissions by carriers.

Unfortunately other ports are  being impacted and carriers are making changes to loading programmes in Shanghai because of delays.  The changes include feeding containers from Shanghai into Hong Kong to pick up on Southern Loop services to Australia and New Zealand as well as port rotation changes (e.g. vessel bypassing Ningbo arriving early into Shanghai) and delays to berthing in Shanghai causing bunching of vessels outside the port waiting for berths.  

Full operation in Meishan is not expected to return to normal until early September.  Unfortunately there is going to be delay to shipments from Ningbo and a backlog of shipments is building that will result in delay on new bookings.

Our team is working tirelessly to find solutions to move containers however please expect further delay to container movements from Ningbo and surrounding ports.  Please also monitor your shipping reports and if you have any questions please contact your Customer Service contact