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Shanghai Pudong International Airport Flight Suspension Due to Positive COVID-19 Cases

ACA International has been informed that there has been a COVID outbreak in Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG).  PVG Airport has issued the following notice that all international cargo and passenger cargo departure operations will be suspended.

There will be significant impact for weeks to come as a result of the backlog that will build to all markets and we can expect to see freight rates to increase significantly.

Emergency Notice: Due COVID positive detected 20/Aug in the Pudong Airport.

From 23/AUG to 05/SEP, all flights from Pudong will be cancelled. The airport is now in contingency control.

This leads to severe shortage of manpower in the tarmac operation resulting in a lot of cargo shutout and all carriers have to making changes to their flight plans.

Any further arrangements and situations to be announced. Kindly understand and tolerate the inconvenience so caused.

After receiving the notice from the ground service of Pudong Airport, one "two centralized" personnel (stevedores) and one Ethiopian Airlines resident personnel (maintenance) at the airport have been diagnosed. More than 300 people in the centralized residential area of international flights at Pudong Airport have been closed for nucleic acid testing and health observation. The airport informed that starting this afternoon, all international freight, passenger to cargo departure support will stop operation, and the recovery time will be determined; Unloading will be delayed after the landing of the incoming cargo flight under execution. East China Bureau and airport group are holding a special meeting. The airport will call in advance and send a formal letter to each aviation company after the official announcement