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New Cases of Covid-19 in Xiamen

ACA China offices are reporting COVID-19 infection rates are increasing in different regions in China.  Our Xiamen office has informed that there are over 400 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Fujian province and in accordance with the national epidemic prevention and control regulations the Government suggests all Xiamen companies operate from home. 

Our team in Xiamen were unable to enter our office building today and operating under work from home rules.  Furthermore there is strict traffic control for entry into out of Xiamen city, airlines and vessel departures are being suspended as a result.  We have been informed of similar work from home directions in Shenzhen.

ACA will continue to operate, however there will be delays to services impacted on by restriction of movement, compounded by the shortage of trucks and shipping space in the lead up to the National Holidays commencing 1 October 2021.