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ANL Gippsland Voy. 055S – Delayed

The ANL Gippsland Voy. 055S is reporting delays and as of late yesterday we were advised the vessel was delayed 4 days however news just to hand from one of the shipping lines loading onboard the vessel that vessel has had a COVID 19 infection.
The vessel will proceed with the Kaohsiung call after crew change at its current port Naha, Japan.
However in order to minimise the delay, this voyage will omit Xiamen.
All Xiamen inbound cargoes will be discharged at Kaohsiung for further connection.
Updated schedule in Asia as below:
Original ETA
Kaohsiung, TW
17 Oct
17 Oct
Shanghai, CN
8 Oct
19 Oct
21 Oct
Ningbo, CN
11 Oct
22 Oct
23 Oct
These dates may change further, and the carrier has ruled out being able to transfer any of the bookings from the ANL Gippsland to other vessels at this point.
We will update as learn more.