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Update: ANL Gippsland Voy. 055S – Further Delay

Further to our alert on 30 September (ANL Gippsland Voy. 055S – Delayed) the ANL Gippsland Voy. 055S is set for further delays.  The vessel is currently located at anchor in Sagami Bay off Ohshima Island on the east coast of Honshu, Japan.

Unfortunately updates overnight advise that the scheduled arrival and departure into Shanghai will now push back into November.  Initial indication is departure would be 3 November, however further advice from OOCL this morning indicates it may be later.

The vessel Operator ANL is updating all of their partners later today on its revised schedule.  The vessel is in isolation due to COVID-19 infections onboard the vessel.

The ANL Gippsland is a large vessel with approximate 8000 TEU capacity and the vessel was booked close to its capacity.  Vessels in the A3 schedule that are now berthing before it are also at capacity and so are unable to take transfers from ANL Gippsland.  The operators of the A3 group advise that at this point there is no recovery vessels available to replace ANL Gippsland, so there is no opportunity to bring forward shipments to earlier sailings.

Will advise as soon as  further updates are available.