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(BMSB) Treatment Providers Scheme: treatment provider suspension - Roca Defisan S.L (Sevilla) (AEI: ES4012SB) 

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment have issued notice that the following Offshore BMSB Treatment Provider has been suspended.

Roca Defisan S.L (Sevilla) (AEI: ES4012SB) 

Following identification of critical non-compliance, the department and the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries are now listing the company as ‘suspended’ on the Offshore BMSB Treatment Providers Scheme’s List of Offshore Treatment Providers List.

The company may no longer perform treatments on consignments intended for Australia or New Zealand. The notice takes effect immediately and there are no provisions for in-transit goods. Any consignments on the water must be re-treated upon arrival or re-directed for export.