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There is continuing delay to all services to and from Europe. Northern European ports are at capacity with Hamburg operating at approximately 95% capacity and similar levels in Rotterdam and Antwerp

Some of the capacity is related to containers bound for Russia on customs hold, but it generally relates to ongoing high levels of import and export.

Barge operations from Antwerp have been suspended until June 30th due to a large backlog and that impacts on movement of goods in and out of the hinterland areas in Europe.

We have reported that the Direct service has effectively reduced to fortnightly as a result of the operators decision to omit north Europe port calls one week and calling Med ports only and the following week calling north Europe ports and omitting Med ports.

Additionally the service is omitting ports within that cycle with the latest announcement

MV GSL Ningbo will omit Malta Free port , original schedule ETD 19TH June.  The next sailing from Malta Free port will be MSC Rachele  ETD 28TH June . This will impact on cargo transhipped from North/West Coast Europe into Malta Free port.

Additionally the operator advises that the MV  PUSAN C MA213A/MA220R will Omit Fremantle.

We will continue to update as soon as carriers provide updates of further changes.