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Tauranga and Metroport Delays & Auckland Weather Warning

We are seeing a sudden jump in rail delays from Tauranga up to Auckland. an average turnaround time normally sits around 2 days, but we are seeing 7-10 days for the rail movement to get underway. The delays look to be cause by Metroport operations.

Please see below notice from Metroport regarding their capacity this week. We are seeing truck waiting time blow out to 5 hours

“The Metroport facility is still operating under capacity limitations which have influenced the truck turnaround time and caused delays.  Regrettably, we anticipate that the situation will continue throughout the week.

ACA and our transport partners are working closely with Metroport to minimize these delays however there seems to be no instant fix. These Metroport delays will have a roll on effect into Ports of Auckland collections also, where we are having to continually roll and cancel VBS bookings due to trucks being delayed at Metroport.

There are also weather updates being sent by POAL regarding heavy winds (also below), which as we know will close most container parks and container terminals. This will be ongoing for the next few days also.

“We have received a weather update advising that strong winds are expected in the Auckland region this afternoon and into the evening. During this time wind gusts are expected to reach over 35 knots.

Adverse weather conditions may impact POAL operations in the container terminal and empty yard if the wind exceeds the safe working limits for our people and operations.

Should this occur high wind protocols will be activated and stoppages that impact Road Operations will be communicated by Road Alert.”

  For anything further please contact your Client Services representative.