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Ever Given Freed in the Suez Canal

It has recently been announced that the Egyptian workers have been able to re-float the Ever Given around 4:30am local time (1:30pm AEDT). It is too early to assess the time it will take to clear the canal and then the backlog of vessel through both North and South entrances of the Canal.

There are over 300 vessels are waiting at anchorage to pass the through the canal, so it will take some time for the backlog to be cleared.

CMA-CGM/ANL advises that many vessels caught at the northern end of the canal, heading south, have large numbers of empty containers onboard vessels that are desperately required in China and other Asian destinations to help alleviate the ongoing deficit of containers in Asia contributing to the continuing major disruption to export programmes from China and other Asian exporting countries. We will continue to update as more impact information comes to hand.

The recent map provided by show the vessel freed from the banks but still blocking passage.

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