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Typhoon Chanthu Creates Further Havoc in Shanghai and Ningbo

Typhoon Chanthu approached the Chinese northeast coastline on Sunday afternoon.  It has intensified as it approached Shanghai.

Airports in Shanghai and surrounding regions have been closed effecting cargo departures to Australia, road and rail has been impacted in Ningbo and Shanghai.  Terminal operations in both Shanghai and Ningbo have been suspended from yesterday in Ningbo and today in Shanghai and it is expected that vessel movements will be further delayed by Typhoon Chanthu creating port congestion and the possibility of port omissions and delays.

ACA International teams in Shanghai and Ningbo continue to function by working from home.  Our team will be able to coordinate bookings and available transport but will be severely impacted by the reduced availability in various sectors of the transport process.

Our customer service teams in Australia, will keep you as up to date as possible.


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