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Dear Client

The effects of the Cyber incident within DP World has reduced but there is still some disruption to operations, mainly related to access to the portal for delivery/receivals, however trucking companies have work arounds for that.  DP World are working as fast as possible to restore those systems, however it takes time to ensure it is being done in a safe and secure way.  Import deliveries have been operating for most of this week and export receivals resumed on 15th November.

Unfortunately there is continuing disruption in DP World as a result of the extension of industrial action by Maritime Union of Australia (MUA).

As reported there has been rolling action in place over the past 8+ weeks.  The action has been released by the MUA in fortnightly blocks.  The MUA has advised of an extension of various bans until the end of November as per the below links.

PIA Updates 16-Nov 2023 ]

DPW Media 16-Nov 2023 ]

There is varying action being taken across DP terminals around Australia.  The last update outlines various action including.

  • Stop work on vessel operations.
  • Bans on load and unload of trucks and trains.  
  • Overtime and shift extension bans, etcetera.

Please note particularly, bans on load and unload of trucks and trains in Melbourne and Brisbane from the 16th November to 18th November and from 16th to 17th in Sydney and Fremantle that will cause delay to export and import activity.

The bans and stoppages have had an impact on capacity into out of Australia on vessels calling DP World of approximately 27% during October and November.  The delays are preventing the return of vessels to load ports which means sliding of between 1 and 2 weeks of services pushing into December.  For example, the largest service from Far East Asia to Australia the A3 loop is 12 days behind schedule on A3C and A3N and 7 days behind on the A3S service.  The impact extends beyond the  A3 Loop services, as many consortiums call a combination of DP World and other terminals.

Our transport and export teams are working for the best outcome but delays unfortunately will occur due to these circumstances that are out of control.