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Dear Client,

Further to our November 20th update .

Ravi Sheshadri Vice President - Commercial - Ports & Terminal of DP World has released a statement advising that the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has advised they will extend their industrial action to December 4th.

PIA Updates 21-Nov 2023 ]

As advised in our previous release, there are various actions taken by the MUA including overtime and shift extension bans.  Bans on working vessels and bans on loading and unloading of trucks and trains.  Please see the link to all advised action.  In particular please note:

Ban on load and unloading Brisbane – December 1st to Dec 2nd

Ban on load and unloading Sydney – November 28th to 29th and November 30th to December 1st

Ban on load and unloading Melbourne – December 1st to Dec 2nd

Ban on load and unloading Fremantle – November 28th to 29th

The action will impact on Exports moving through DP World during these periods and delay pick up of import containers.

The ongoing delay to working vessels is creating backlogs at DP terminals and creating delay on return voyages to origin and that is also having an impact on the spacing of vessels on arrival in ports such as Shanghai, Shenzhen in China and Port calls in New Zealand.

Our transport and export teams are working for the best outcome but delays unfortunately will occur due to these circumstances that are out of control.