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Project Services

ACA has been involved in various industries requiring specialized project handling services for over 25 years.  Those services have varied in requirement however all had a complex supply requirement utilizing various handling techniques that require capability and understanding, at both origin and destination, in the handling of Break-bulk, Rolling Stock and Bulk Cargoes.

Handling and Infrastructure Requirements in Project Services

The technical handling on to vessels is one aspect, but in all cases there is extensive local requirement to be addressed at origin and in many cases preparation that is required to accommodate destination government regulation.  These typically include Customs, Quarantine or Transport Authorities.

The capabilities are not widely available amongst the general Freight Forwarding industry and so ACA International Pty Ltd has developed partnerships outside of our general cargo arrangements to support this specialised handling.

We have developed relationships with operations whose specialities include access to, or operation of, heavy transport equipment whether that is Barge, Trailers or Rail. The understanding and capability to not only access this equipment but be able to complete relevant route surveys to ensure not only the most economical option in transport is provided, but to also ensure the route is accessible to equipment being handled.

We are regularly required to provide space within the port area to accommodate the cargo, including appropriate hardstand.  This will invariably require the use of speciality handling equipment such as cranes or purpose built spreaders to assist in the loading/unloading of the cargo to allow for such matters as:

  • Staging for proper load sequencing according to both the client’s and the vessel’s loading schedule
  • Cleaning of Equipment New or 2nd hand to meet various quarantine standards
  • Labelling and tagging of equipment
  • Marrying up of equipment for staged delivery
  • Quality Control (i.e. inspect for any damage to structure,  paint chipping, etc)
  • Additional works as required by Shipper or Consignee (e.g. assembly or touch up)
  • Weather treatment process such as waxing
  • Arrange surveys for insurance and more detailed and technical quality control orCo-ordinate quarantine officers attend load port inspections upon completion of equipment cleaning

On completion we are required to transfer product from ground to under hook, engaging any specialized floats/transport units.

We have built key relationships in various points around the world to handle Project Shipping.  Key personal operate in each site and will attend all factories and foundries with their transport divisions to assess on site requirements for:

  • Lifting capability, if any
  • Road , Rail or River access
  • Understand all building programs and complete rudimentary route surveys and
  • Subject to cargo weight and dimensions a more detailed route survey to ensure transport to the port is.

We have expertise on the ground in:

We have expertise on the ground in:
China Singapore
USA Thailand
Vietnam Indonesia
Italy Germany
Scandinavia Dubai
United Kingdom South Africa (covering Southern Africa)
New Zealand South America