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Warehousing & Storage

Warehousing & Storage Facilities

ACA's storage facilities can provide shrink-wrapping, palletising, module racking to four high, floor stacking, product segregation as well as optional electronic bar-coding at your international destination or origin.

In Australia we also provide customs licensed storage facilities for full containers and AQIS licensed quarantine facilities should you require them.  The bond store facility will permit you to defer any payment of import duty until the goods are required. This provides valuable cash flow incentives and saves on your own warehousing space.

Whether storing your goods in bond or free-store ACA can provide loose deliveries as you require them.

Electronic Inventory, Pick and Pack & Delivery

Once a container has been unpacked, optional bar-coded and put into storage you can have access to your own inventory information via our 24 hour ACA web page security access.

In fact you can create your own 'pick and pack lists' and receive consignment delivery notes through access to ACA's computer system.

All 'in and out' transactions will electronically balance the storage inventory in anticipation of your periodical external stock takes. Add this to the fact that you only pay for the warehouse space actually used, the savings alone can eliminate the need for your own warehouse.

This allows you to get on with your business - the business you are good at.